A Gallery of Paintings
and Drawings

Artist Statement:
I live a very simple life in the country. From that solitude, I can devote myself full time to the expression of my art. I find subject matter in the natural landscape around me which is constantly changing with the seasons and the light. Occasionally I express something from a dream or a visualization.

Within the art, I am exploring a rhythm of line and texture, soft blended passages contrasted with impasto brush strokes. I am guided to express a calligraphic dance that is not only interesting visually, but is fun to do.

A painting starts when I see something that is visually interesting. I use a camera as a tool to capture the scene. In the studio, I recall the emotion, the colors and the mood. Using the photo as reference, I sketch the basic shapes in neutral colors. I then add color in layers. I have used both oils and acrylics from the beginning. Acrylics are versatile and allow me to work quickly, layering the paint without having to waiting for each layer to dry. Oils are wonderful for blending and can leavel visible brush strokes.

As you browse, let the art choose you.